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AMJ Testimonials

I was very impressed with the AMJ Home Study Course.  It is easy to learn and easy to apply to any combat situation.  Very good! Well done.  I am highly recommending this course to any one who wants to learn martial arts.
Sifu Quoc L. Tran, Soke
Founder/President - Tran's Combat Martial Arts, Tinh Vo Dao
International Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Member  

I started in marital arts when I was 8 in 1966 Tang Soo Do.  I was living with my aunt at the time.  Then when I started high school 1972 I continued in the same style.  Since then I have trained in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.  I went up to the rank of Brown Belt.  And now thanks to AMJ I have earned my Black Belt.  This has been a goal for a long time.  Thanks  Bill Myers

I am impressed with the AMJ Jujitsu Home Study Course, It is an add up knowledge for anyone who loves martial arts like me.  Good job.  I recommend this course to any one who loves martial arts."A drop of sweat in a practice is a sign of protecting your life in battle"              
Joel Santos AMJ Black Belt Club Member

The AMJ Velez Freestyle Karate program was invaluable to me as a martial arts student. The eclectic approach was what I wanted and needed. It is very practical and there is no "fluff". I had been a traditional TKD student for 2 years. This program and the support I continue to receive from Master Velez are far and above any previous training I had. I highly recommend it.
Jim McAlhaney
Matthews, NC

I Thor E Sulland have trained for over 20 years in various forms of
Martial Arts
. I hold dans in Karate, Jujitsu, Kempo and Ninjutsu and have found
the AMJ courses to be not only superb value for money, but also of extremely
good content. I used to teach my own jujitsu style. Then i learnt Master
Velez's Freestyle Jujitsu. After this, I promptly dumped my style of jujitsu
and converted to his. To anyone who is considering buying a course of study from
the AMJ. I simply say this.... "GO FOR IT"
It will be more than worth it. :)   Master Thor Sulland United Kingdom

Hi master velez

I am writing to say your DVD was an inspiration and re-enforcing of martial from all styles to for further knowledge and Awesome Practical Offensive and Defensive Martial Art Knife Techniques.

I have enjoyed your DVD. Very professional. As a high school teacher by profession, I am impressed by the balance of theory and practical application, being doing Kyokushin karate for over twenty years with jujitsu and other areas of self defense reality based I close this review with one of his insightful quotes

"So, feel the fear and live your dreams anyway! There are no guarantees, but the rewards are plentiful if you believe in yourself. No one is going to live your dreams for you. It’s up to you to create your own life. Why not have that life filled with dreams. A word of caution: While dreams are nice and they help you to plan for the future, your true goal in life is to be a responsible person to yourself."

Master Kaleem  Saeed


Dear Master Velez:
                          Upon viewing your DVD of American Modern Jujitsu, Freestyle Karate, and  Shioku Waza, I have decided to cross rank you in Korean Jujitsu--8th Degree Black, Hapkido--5th Degree Black and Self Defense Sciences--8th Degree Black. Your three martial arts are well thought out and are applicable for defending yourself in any situation with only a year of training to 1st Degree Black. For all those that never had the time to obtain or finish their black belt, Master Velez has created the perfect systems to obtain your goals. I highly recommend taking all three.
                                                                        Grandmaster Robert Olah  10th Dan
                                                                         Olah's Martial Arts  
                                                                         Aurora, IL

-AMJ Testamonial-
The AMJ home study course is a very practical and to the point. It contains solid fundamentals of Karate-Jujitsu but takes it even further by adding boxing, submissions & solo training tips! The Shioku waza portion alone contains an excellent reference for nerve points and their actual application in combat! Very valuable course for anyone striving to reach black belt status in the privacy of their own home or dojo.
-Proud AMJ Hall of Fame & Bulldog Club Member
Master Michael Robinson : Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors Member 

A beautiful piece of work Master Velez! You have tackled a tough subject and done a wonderful job presenting it. Let us all understand that we WILL get older and some of us WILL face physical challenges from injury, sickness and disease in life and we must learn to adapt and accept these challenges. We live in a world where youth and physical abilities are a premium and 40 years old is "ancient" to the 20 year old. We will not always perform as we once did (fact!)......... IT DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE NO LONGER BLACK BELTS! IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE CAN LONGER TEACH! IT NO LONGER MEANS WE CAN NO LONGER ADD VALUE TO A STUDENT'S LIFE! Master Velez, thank you for putting together the "8 Degrees of Self-Defense". I like the simplicity in your approach and style of teaching. We forget sometimes that WE ARE THE WEAPON! If the legs do not work...use the arms, if the arms fail to work and the legs do not want to work use the legs .... and if neither of these work use the head! I recommend the training to every member of American Modern Jujitsu.
GrandMaster John Enger :
Defender Instructor. Retired law enforcement (Lt. Commander). Grandmaster (Judan) - Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo. Hold a state of Florida Private Investigators License. President of the Shinja Martial Arts University -
Ordained Minister.

Master Velez,

The 8 degrees of defense/American Modern Aikido course is awesome !!! As a martial artist who is disabled I have lost the ability to use kicks like I used to able to do. This course addresses this issue with a no nonsense and effective approach to using only the upper body in self defense. As a bonus anyone can learn this course regardless of physical ability. It doesn't matter if they are overweight or getting older. Bottom line this course cuts past the fancy stuff and gets straight to the point of teaching what works. It also teaches how to use a knife effectively which is always good to know should you be in a situation that calls for it. I recommend this course to anyone even if they know how to kick as it is well worth learning and adding to their existing martial arts practice.

Master Sixto D. Lopez



Hello Master Velez,
I have been in the martial arts for 19yrs and have belts in Tang Soo Do as a 4th degree, Hapkido 1st degree and I have been trained in Defensive Tactics as a Master Instructor. I am very Impressed with your Home Study Course's and would recommend these course's to any one who want's to learn self-defense that works
on the streets. The martial arts in these course's are simple but effective technique's that are easy to learn and should be a part of any martial arts arsenal of moves.
Thank you,
Christopher H. Hanes
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member