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The AMJ was created for Martial Artist that want to learn Martial Arts from home.

I was tired of hearing about federations and schools charging large amounts of money for

Promotions and hidden fees. We do not want you to quiet your school but if you can no longer go to your school or if your school goes out of business , you can still continue

your martial art training. If you do not have a jujitsu or karate school near you , you can learn through the AMJ home study course. AMJ courses can help you achieve the rank you always wanted. The AMJ can help you learn self defense that can save you and your loved ones if you ever have to use it. The Jujitsu course is very practical and shows you

what works in a fight. The jujitsu course is a mixture of jujitsu ,grappling, boxing, karate, and submission. The Karate course is for the martial artist that does not like grappling but it can also help the grapplers become more complete in stand up fighting . The weapons

Course is for the student that wants to learn the traditional weapons of martial arts . The pressure point course is for the student that wants to learn the pressure points that can be crucial in a fight. We have different courses and tournaments for everyone. Home study courses might be what you are looking for. Learn what is practical and train without the politics and pressure of going for your next test. We are here to help you. Email us any time you want . Most schools are stuck with the attitude that you have to do it this way only. The AMJ is modern and we want you to learn from us and put together a fighting style that works for you. A head instructor of a dojo or style is very good because that style worked for them. You have the option to find out what is the best way. Mike Carmiche and I put these courses together and only teach you practical moves that work in a fight. You can train at your house or dojo or in your office and learn martial arts. When a person prays they do not have to be in church. People earn College Degree's from home. The AMJ gives you the option of how long you want to train. It is up to you, how bad do you want it ? Our courses can help you obtain self defense for every day survival or for tournaments or for your goal of always wanting to learn martial arts. Martial Arts is a life time commitment.