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AMJ Merchandise

Every Course comes with a DVD , curriculum , and a time in rank sheet. Check out the home study course page.

To learn about all our courses and  prices click on the home study course page.


AMJ Certificate. Every course comes with certificates. Dan promotions are 30.00. Your purchase of an AMJ course covers you to blackbelt . After 1st degree blackbelt your promotion fee is 30.00 for 2nd dan through 7th dan. Every six months you are up for promotion after 1st degree black belt. You do not have to go past 1st dan. Email us if you have questions about our course or cross ranking with us. 

We now have newer certs !!!!!!

Check out our DLMA / AMJ shop


To order please send check or money order.

Make check or money order out to Master Israel Velez,  no checks made out to AMJ or American Modern Jujitsu or Master Velez Inc Thank you .

You can also use the original website to order.

Mail :

Israel Velez III

PO Box 710

Elizabeth NJ 07207



We are offering home study in 2018 -2019 check out home study page.  We also have PayPal under 


* No Refunds




When you place an order . Please write your name . which course you would like to purchase and your mailing address. For Dan promotions please write which degree you are up for promotion. Founders write your name and style and give a brief curriculum. To register another style with the AMJ write your name and style and rank. Also please sign the disclaimer. You can use the original site to order or use this site.


Do not attempt any Jujitsu, Karate, Weapons, Pressure Point techniques without consulting your physician.

I understand that Master Velez Inc. is not responsible for any injuries.

Under 18 years of age do not attempt any martial art training without supervision of an adult. Please have parent sign diclaimer. All members must sign . If your printer does not work we will accept a hand written copy.

sign here x _______________________________________________